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Lapses in Testimony of Ethicon’s Expert Witness Raise Issue of Credibility

Observers in the hearing of the vaginal mesh lawsuit filed by Linda Gross against Ethicon, Inc. have noted that efforts of the defendant to control the damage brought about by earlier testimonies may have not gone as well as they expected.

Dr. Miles Murphy, a urogynecologist from Allentown, Pennsylvania, took the stand in the final stages of the trial supposedly to respond to the allegations raised by the plaintiff. While he may have countered on the various grounds presented by the plaintiff, certain points discussed in his testimony may have affected his credibility.

When the issue of “roping effect” was mentioned, he claimed that he had never heard of the term nor had he encountered it. However, when he made a demonstration of the Prolift vaginal mesh procedure, the mesh “roped up” while pulling it through the tubes. 

In another instance, he denied any knowledge of an Ethicon registry established by Dr. Lucente, a close associate. A check on the records, however, revealed that he was listed as principal investigator of the registry project.

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